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Sweet candies are nice to eat, Sweet words are easy to say but sweet people are hard to find.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Live In Las Vegas 01-15-16
February- Chicago, March Haiti Tour.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, "NO" it's the Caribbean star "Donelo".

Sunday, September 7, 2014

TMD RECORDS Based in UK, Jamaica, Japan, Canada Present to you Donelo with his brand new hit single Song Souke Priz Ou (Shake Your Booty) Produced by Sens High J. Located in France. Still the record's release has received plenty of rave reviews over the net. Now you may listen to the mp3 version to download more of Donelo music go to a video for the hot single is coming very soon to show your support You can purchased the song on Itunes   @ Follow Donelo on 

Monday, September 9, 2013

TMD records released Donelo Official Video My Soul Mate

Read all about it: TMD records released Donelo mixtape "High Energy" Mixtape And Promo Video.

TMD records released Donelo mixtape "High Energy"  Hosted by DJ Face, From Miami Florida and New Music Video For “ My Soul Mate” Single 

The mixtape consist of 15 high energy and mood chilling tracks, with productions from some of Jamaica's top music producers along with TMD records and suncycle productions out of the UK, "high energy" also feature remixes with fellow TMD artist Tenza along with gospel singer marsha-elle.

Donelo who is original from Haiti, but now based in USA, as being steadily carving out a name for himself within the music industry, especially in the French and Creole markets where he his better known for tracks such as '" mande man" Nuh pa pe" and “arebobo”, he as creating quit a buzz as one of the best new and excited Creole reggae/dancehall artist.

TMD records and Donelo see the High Energy Mixtape as a tool to open up many doors for Donelo and also a give back to the fans, High Energy is not just a every day mixtape stated Donelo but its a work of his craft that was inspired by God and his love for music, a lot of people who don't really know Donelo and what he is about, now have the chance to know him and his music though this mixtape.

Apart from High Energy mixtape Donelo as being working on a number new projects to release soon from producers from France, Finland, Switzerland and also TMD records

High Energy Mixtape is available for free download on and all leading blog and music web pages. For fan that wants show more support for Donelo the mixtape is also available on Itunes for purchasing.  

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My Soul Mate ( Promo Video) 

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